So what’s a Tertulia?

So, why a new site?

I’ve been inspired recently by a few other sites that I’ve been part of getting up to speed. They all got me thinking not just about life but also more about my own site, which has sat in a state of disrepair for an embarrassingly long period of time.

I especially felt it was time to restart the blog site, which predated most of the reasonable blogging tools by a century or two. Since this means that I could put away the stone hammer and chisels for more recent tools such as WordPress 5.7, it’s been an enjoyable few evenings getting the pieces back in order. It’s also fun to NOT have to look at two decades of old topics.

I still have a ton of work to do, but it feels good to get some of the pieces back online. I welcome your comments, both about what is being discussed and what we haven’t gotten to talk about yet. My goal is to provide the opportunity to explore our world, expand our minds, and enhance our ability to live lives of faith. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write — in fact, I hope this site attracts a wide variety of thought so we can learn from each other.

For those of you wondering, this Tertulia is an informal platform to discuss life, broadening individual knowledge, share experience, and crack a pun or two. Your comments are welcome, but please post nice. You can count of a wide range of topics, neatly organized into categories, but feel free to skip across domains to have some fun.

So, welcome! Sign up, weigh in, drop a pun or two, be nice, and swing away for the fences with ideas to inspire conversation!

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